May 14, 2019

Afterschool Snacks: Watermelon Pizza

This post is part of our Afterschool Snacks series, featuring easy, kid-chef friendly recipes that can be made at home or at school. 

It’s the end of another school year and time for celebration. This year, why not celebrate with a watermelon pizza party? Watermelon pizzas are not only a tasty and nutritious snack, but are also easy for kids to make and customize. 

Pair this snack with a reflection activity for a mindful end-of-year celebration in your classroom or afterschool program. For inspiration, see our suggested activities.


Watermelon Pizza Recipe

Prep time: 10 minutes. 1 serving. 


Seedless watermelon, sliced into ¼” thick disks. 1 disk per child.

2-4 oz. Greek yogurt (per child). Could also use softened Neufchatel cheese (aka low-fat cream cheese).

Coconut flakes. Try toasting it to change the color, flavor and texture. 

Assorted fruit. For this recipe, we used kiwi, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Fresh mint leaves. Optional.



1. Spread 2-4 oz. of Greek yogurt (the sauce) on the watermelon disk (pizza crust). Try flavoring the yogurt by adding orange or lime zest and mixing together before spreading on the watermelon disk. 

2. Add coconut flakes (the cheese), if desired.

3. Top with desired fruit (the pizza toppings) to create a one of a kind masterpiece. Try using small cookie cutters to cut out fun shapes in some of the fruit. 

4. Slice pizza into quarters and enjoy!


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