July 17, 2019

At Work with Nicole Dufour

This post is part of our #HGatWork series, giving you an inside look at the people behind our work and the leaders who further our mission to empower kids to develop lifelong healthy habits.

Meet Nicole Dufour, Healthier Generation’s Member Engagement & Support Manager. Based in Portland, Oregon, Nicole has been creating healthier environments for children nationwide for 12 years. Thanks to her positive spirit and passion for health and wellness, program members receive top care and support when working with Nicole. Read on to find out more about Nicole’s role and commitment to creating a healthier future. 


What inspired you to work for Healthier Generation? 

I have a background in community recreation and outdoor education, and I love helping people.  When I found Healthier Generation, I knew it was the perfect place for me to marry my passion for health and wellness and helping people help themselves! 

What does a typical work day look like for you? 

Since I work from home, I have a little more free time in the morning. I like to move before I start my workday, so I often go for a run or to a workout class. Then, I must have coffee and breakfast! I love my standing desk and try to start the day using that, intermittently sitting and standing throughout the day. It really helps me to stretch when I need to or to get off my feet when I get tired. I spend my day working on projects related to our schools and out-of-school time programs. I also have the privilege of talking to our awesome members on the phone and by email.  

What are you working on right now that really excites you?  

We are currently working on some very exciting updates to our Healthy Schools Program and Healthy Out-of-School Time Initiative tools. I love our devotion to providing the best possible digital tools to our schools and sites. Our new Action Center is going to be amazing!  


What does working at Healthier Generation mean to you? 

Working at Healthier Generation means that I stand behind our mission 100%. And I love the people that I work with. I am surrounded by colleagues that are passionate, innovative, and intelligent and we all support each other to be and do the best. 


At Healthier Generation, we place a lot of emphasis on work-life balance and living a healthy lifestyle. How do you maintain a healthy balance and “walk the talk?”  

I have the advantage of working from home, which allows me to cook my own breakfast and lunch. This helps me to stay on track and eat healthy meals and snacks. I love to get out and take short walks throughout the day with my dog, Sam. I am also aware that my office is in my house, so I try to make sure I only work during my set office hours in order to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 





What do you enjoy the most about working at Healthier Generation? 

The people. The people I work with and the people I work for. They make me feel valued and we have a lot of fun, too! 


How do you celebrate a healthy summer?  

Spending time outside and with the people I love keeps me healthy and happy. Living in the Pacific Northwest allows me to enjoy the outdoors year-round and I DO! I love to hike with my boyfriend and our fur baby, Sam. We spend time camping, canoeing, and biking. I love this app when I am looking for hikes and places to explore in the area I live! I also love to support our local farmers in the area by buying flowers, meats, cheeses, and veggies at the awesome farmers markets in town. To find farmers markets in Portland or in new cities, I use this awesome app. It is super helpful because I can find out what foods they offer, what times they are open, and where they are located.