September 18, 2019

Back to School with Kohl’s and Healthier Generation

Helping families have a healthy start to the new school year

This back-to-school season, Alliance for a Healthier Generation partnered with Kohl’s to distribute over 2,400 healthy kits to students in various schools across the country.

Thanks to the generosity of Kohl’s, Healthier Generation was able to provide these healthy back-to-school kits to students at seven schools across two districts: St. Louis Public Schools in St. Louis, Missouri and Richland County School District One in Columbia, South Carolina.* The healthy kits are designed to help students and their families get a healthy, fresh start to the new school year! 

It’s all part of Kohl’s Healthy at Home, a new family health and wellness initiative from the Healthier Generation and Kohl’s to inspire and empower families to prioritize a healthy lifestyle in their home and wherever their children live, learn and play.

Students receive their bags at Gateway Michael (St. Louis Public Schools). 



The following schools received healthy kits to start their school year on a healthy note

St. Louis Public Schools in St. Louis, Missouri

Adams Elementary

Gateway Elementary

Gateway Michael Elementary

Mullanphy Botanical Garden ILC

Richland County School District One in Columbia, South Carolina

Bradley Elementary

J.P. Thomas Elementary

Watkins-Nance Elementary


Inside each healthy back-to-school kit, students received:

  • A pillow to promote healthy sleep habits
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste to practice good hygiene
  • A stress ball to help relieve anxiety
  • A jump rope to get kids moving
  • A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated
  • A set of #SummerSwap flash cards promoting healthy swap ideas for everyday activities
  • Tips and information to help families practice healthy habits at home

All goodies in the healthy kits are intended for students and their families to practice healthy habits both at school and at home. 

Kids looking at all the fun, healthy goodies inside the bags... 

To prepare these 2,400+ healthy back-to-school kits, more than 300 Kohl’s associates at Kohl’s Innovation Center in Menomonee Falls, Wis. volunteered to hand-tie each pillow and then pack all the contents into each kit. In addition to the time and talent of each Kohl’s associate, a donation of nearly $40,000 was provided to Healthier Generation through Kohl’s Volunteer Program. 

Healthier Generation is thrilled to join Kohl’s, St. Louis Public Schools, and Richland County School District One in getting this school year off to a great start for thousands of families. We have more planned for the Kohl’s Healthy at Home initiative. Stay up to date by signing up to receive updates at

Have a great school year!


* These districts were selected based on their demonstrated efforts to provide healthy learning environments to students; both districts have had several schools named on our annual list of America’s Healthiest Schools.