July 10, 2024

Building Momentum: Prioritizing Well-Being for Educators, Staff, and Administrators

Reflections on our webinar series supporting staff well-being in schools and districts, hosted by Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools

This summer, as educators take time for reflection and rejuvenation, we at Alliance for a Healthier Generation and Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools also pause to reflect on our recent 2024 Staff Well-Being webinar series. This four-part collaboration has been a journey of insight, inspiration, and community, deeply rooted in the importance of well-being for those who nurture our next generation. 

Celebrating our collective growth 

Our series, "Prioritizing Well-Being Among School & District Staff, Educators & Administrators," unfolded over four enriching sessions from January through April 2024. These interactive webinars brought together over 2,200 educators in a variety of roles, including teachers, administrators, food service staff, and bus drivers, emphasizing that well-being is crucial for everyone in education. 

Engaging topics, real solutions 

Each session was a blend of expert insights and practical strategies: 

A toolkit for transformation 

Browse these resources to support learning retention and implementation:  

Implementation Resources  

 Partner Resources 

With gratitude 

To every participant, your engagement and feedback have been the heartbeat of this series. Thank you for dedicating your time and energy to improving not only your own well-being but also that of your colleagues and students. 

Stay connected and share your successes! 

The enthusiastic feedback has only strengthened our resolve to keep this momentum alive. We're already planning more resources and events to support you in bringing these strategies into your school communities. 

As you continue to make a difference in your communities, please stay connected with us and share your successes and setbacks. Remember, whether you're implementing a new strategy or just need a refresher, our resources are here to support you every step of the way. 

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Find out if your school community is ready to apply for Cultivating Staff Well-Being as one of America’s Healthiest Schools and check out additional staff well-being resources.  

Let’s keep moving forward toward a healthier, more supportive educational environment. 

Bethany Younkers, MPA

Associate Director, Whole Child Health