April 22, 2021

Connecting Over A Meal

Celebrating & Exploring Culture through Food

The relationship between food and culture is one of shared experiences, stories and of course – delicious and nutritious food! Taking time over a meal to connect supports bonds between one another but is also a critical time to learn and share ideas. It is a mainstay for whole child and family health. 

As we take time to honor and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities this month, we invite you to come together to learn and explore culture through food. As a community, we can make the most of mealtimes through meaningful conversations about what is happening in our lives or begin learning about the cultures and traditions of others through the food we eat.

For example, in Hawai’i, youth are finding ways to connect with each other over food. The Hawaii Youth Food Council (HYFC) hosted a photovoice contest called “Whatchu Eatin” designed to share food experiences of Hawai’i youth. According to Dennis Fujimoto of The Garden Island, “Photo entries displayed a wide range of food experiences, including growing food in gardens, learning to cook for the first time, and exploring cultural heritage through food.”  With food insecurity for Hawaiian children reaching nearly 30 percent, engaging youth in conversation about where food comes from can help them be part of building sustainable food security solutions for their communities. 

If you live in Hawai’i and are looking for a way to be more deeply involved, check out HYFC summer convening or the Hawai’i Afterschool Alliance Virtual End Hunger Summit.

Craving more connection through culinary traditions? Join our upcoming Kohl’s Healthy at Home virtual events!

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