March 13, 2020

COVID-19 Update: Key Resources to Support Families, Educators, and Employers

During this time of uncertainty and change surrounding COVID-19, Healthier Generation is committed to helping you maintain a sense of normalcy while prioritizing your health and well-being. 

We’ve curated key resources from Healthier Generation and our partners to help you and your family navigate possible disruptions to your everyday routines – from remote work and school closures to increased stress or anxiety.  



Kids perceive emotions and actions of those around them. Staying calm and keeping up everyday practices can help children cope with the news they are hearing and seeing around them. When talking to your kids about the coronavirus, don’t be afraid to discuss it openly while considering your child’s age and emotions. 

As schools and childcare centers may temporarily close, maintaining a routine – as you would on spring break or summer vacation – of regular, healthy mealtimes and consistent bedtimes can help keep kids healthy and happy. Check out our quick, healthy lunch ideas, fitness break videos, and nighttime wind-down activities for inspiration. 



Many schools and districts are enacting additional measures to keep their students and staff safe, in alignment with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But as schools and out-of-school sites close their doors, households struggling with hunger and food insecurity face increased challenges. Nearly 30 million children rely on the free and reduced-price meals as a primary source of food and nutrition; we must work to preserve food access for children in need. 

It’s also critically important to support staff as they navigate this situation on behalf of their students and families. Offering easy, printable activities – such as these Quick Connection Cards that provide simple ways for siblings, parents, and students to stay connected while at home – can help ease the stress of remote lesson planning. Supporting staff in their own well-being is also of critical importance to calm nerves and help them establish boundaries. 



For more than 13 years, Healthier Generation has thrived as a virtual organization. As many employers decide to enact similar policies, our CEO Kathy Higgins offers best practices and tips for remaining productive and communicative. From walking meetings to implementing regular physical activity breaks, making self-care a priority is essential during this unusually stressful time. 

If you’re an employee adjusting to remote work, establishing norms for yourself and your space can help you maintain productivity and a healthy work-life balance. Where possible, designate a specific space for work – such as a spare room or corner of the kitchen. Infuse short physical activity breaks throughout the day to keep your mind active and your body healthy. Ensure proper hydration during the day to help you feel more alert and energized. Stay connected with colleagues via video chat or phone calls. 

For the latest information on COVID-19, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention