November 12, 2020

Creative Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day

A little bit of kindness can go a long way in helping others feel seen, accepted, and appreciated. At home, work, school, and everywhere in between we can embody and inspire kindness to create happier, healthier communities where everyone can thrive.    

Join us as we celebrate World Kindness Day on November 13. Get started by choosing one of these kindness-inspired activities from Kohl’s Healthy at Home to help you share and receive gratitude and joy with others. 

1. Check in with Your Feelings 
Check in on yours and others’ emotional well-being by filling out the Feelings Chart, an easy-to-use tool for identifying emotions. Try posting the chart on the refrigerator or sharing a screenshot so others can name and share their feelings, too. Bonus: When we identify our own emotions, we are better equipped to gauge others’ emotions and show empathy! 

2. Get to Know Yourself and Your Community 
Want to show kindness in meaningful ways? Use the Mapping Your Identity activity and worksheet to explore who you are and what is important to you as an individual and as part of a community. The worksheet is a fun tool for all ages that you can use as a family too! As you take the time to get to know yourself and find value in what you bring to relationships, you can use that lens to understand others and bring them joy. 

3. Share Words of Gratitude 
Expressing appreciation, whether virtually or in person, is a surefire way to make someone’s day. Need some inspiration? Here are a few kind messages our friends at Kohl’s recently shared with educators: 

“It takes a special person to teach. You must have patience, determination, and passion. Thank you for the amazing job you do for our kids!” - Melissa, Texas 

“Thank you to all the educators for keeping our students healthy and focused on the positives.” - Jamie, Indiana 

"Teachers and staff members are educational superheroes, magnificent multi-taskers, and problem solvers. Thank you!” - Chelsea, Arizona 

4. Create a Kindness Vision Board 
Envision a kinder and more cooperative future by creating a Family Vision Board. This fun activity is a fantastic way to get everyone involved in thinking of small ways to create big changes at home, school, and in our communities. 

5. Spark Conversations 
Deepen your connection with loved ones by swapping stories and asking intentional questions. Use these Family Conversation Starters to get started. Meaningful conversation can help bolster feelings of respect, kindness, and well-being across generations. 

6. Enjoy a Screening of “The Antidote” 
Watch "The Antidote,” a documentary film that weaves together stories of compassionate people leveraging resources to meet the needs of their communities. Rent and view as a family or school group and then gather to discuss ways each member can help foster a culture of kindness (see this discussion guide for helpful conversation starters!).   

7. Practice Kindness Together 
Use this Family Agreements Guide to identify shared values, such kindness and compassion, and commit to taking actions together that support these values.    

Remember, a kinder world starts with kind attitudes and actions. Today and every day, let’s celebrate and share kindness wherever we are! 

How else do you practice and inspire kindness? Share your ideas with us on Twitter (@HealthierGen) or Instagram (@healthiergeneration) by tagging #KohlsHealthyAtHome.