March 15, 2018

Go Further With Food

It’s National Nutrition Month, and we’re excited to Go Further with Food! Why? Because what we eat is an important part of just about everything we do! No matter our age, we all need nourishment to live, learn and play. Whether it’s a snack to help us stay focused and productive in the afternoon, breakfast so our student starts the day off right, or a nutritious meal to make sure our athlete can perform at their best, food (and nutrition!) is at the center of it all.

What can we do to go further?
  • Include a variety of nutritious and delicious foods from all of the food groups each day. Eat a rainbow of produce, get in those whole grains, and don’t forget the lean protein and low fat and nonfat dairy!
  • Eat and drink the right portion sizes.
  • Think about food waste – meal plan, consider what you have on hand before buying more, and plan to use or freeze leftovers to reduce how much food goes into the trash can each week. 
  • Always practice food safety!
  • Get physical most days of the week doing activities you enjoy.


Set small goals for big success. Choose one or two habits to focus on each week or month. Don’t just go further with food, go further with HEALTH!