April 23, 2019

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: The Makings of a Prosperous Future

Co-authored by Chelsea Clinton, Board Member, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and Vice Chair, Clinton Foundation and Kathy Higgins, CEO, Alliance for Healthier Generation

Originally appears in the Milken Institute's Power of Ideas digital publication.

When we think of success, we often think of the future. Will our communities thrive over the long term? Will our children and our grandchildren grow to be engaged, productive citizens?


To empower a healthier generation of kids and the adults they will grow up to be, we need to start by ensuring we meet all aspects of their health needs.


At the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, we seek to answer these questions long before those future years are upon us. We know a strong future starts with the development and support of healthy habits at a young age. From when children enter their first classroom to the time they walk across the graduation stage, every moment can play a pivotal role in positioning them for long-term success, including improved health and well-being.

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