April 29, 2021

Here’s to You, Moms

No two mothers are alike, but all are equally special. On Mother's Day, we celebrate all mother figures. Whether related by blood or by spirit, the women in this role have a huge impact on our lives.

They act as mentors, best friends, coaches, caretakers, counselors, and so much more to help us grow and thrive. While distancing protocols may be loosening in some communities, the logistics of celebrating this special day may still be difficult and will likely look different from family to family. We’re sharing ideas of how you can still celebrate the mother figure in your life to the fullest this May.

  • Make a Top 40 Countdown. Billboard isn’t the only song chart with a music countdown. Create your own playlist for mom by using your favorite music streaming service. Add songs that remind you of her or songs that your family would listen to together. It’s a fun way to share your energy without having to be physically present.  
  • Ship something special. Send your mother figure flowers or a special treat. This idea may not break the mold, but it never gets old. You know her best, so order something she wouldn’t buy for herself. After all, she deserves a special surprise. Want to go DIY? Hand paint a flower pot and give the gift of an indoor herb. 
  • Make a Donation in her name. A donation is a wonderful way to honor mom and help others in need. Consider making a gift to a food bank or shelter, which can be especially meaningful during this time of uncertainty. Or, consider donating to Healthier Generation to create healthy, thriving communities for children and families.  
  • Create art. Do an online search for ‘Mother’s Day Coloring Pages’ to find all kinds of coloring sheets you or your kids can decorate and share with mom. Check out The Spruce Crafts for a wide variety of coloring pages your mom is sure to love. 
  • Order or deliver a healthy meal. Let’s give mom something she will really enjoy  – a healthy, delicious, ready-made meal. If you're unable to cook and dine together in--person, deliver a healthy meal from a safe distance or order delivery to her door from her favorite restaurant instead. Remember to include her favorite dishes! 
  • Share your favorite photos. You may not be able to take a walk together, but you can take a walk down memory lane. Get creative and make a digital or physical photobook to share your favorite memories of fun times spent together. 
  • Have a virtual chat. Set up a video call to check-in and catch up with each other. If internet connection or phone service is a limitation, send a card with a handwritten note. Sharing how much she means to you and expressing your gratitude is sure to make her smile.  
  • Send a gift card. While she may not be able to enjoy all of her favorite activities and places right this moment, you can give her a wonderful gift or experience to look forward to by sending a gift card for her favorite restaurant, spa, or store to enjoy at a later date!   
  • Encourage self-care. Every mother figure deserves a moment to rest and relax, especially now. Help mom take the time and space to care for her mental and emotional well-being by sharing these psychology-backed self-care tips. And as many parents and caretakers are pulling double duty right now as teachers, we recommend these strategies to help them fill up their self-care cup.

We know that a lot of parents, caretakers, and teachers are pulling double duty right now. Some parents and caretakers are serving as teachers and some teachers are parents and caretakers themselves. If you are a teacher looking for Mother’s Day activity ideas to share with your students, try incorporating these ideas into your virtual lesson planning. Keep in mind that students may not have access to all the necessary ingredients or kitchen supplies; adapt recipes if needed and encourage students to get creative! 

For elementary students

Share a recipe that students may be able to bake with their mom (or with an adult, for their mom). Baking offers an opportunity to practice math skills, reading skills, and instruction-following skills.  

For middle or high school students:  

Encourage students to try making one of these healthy breakfast or healthy lunch recipes as a Mother’s Day gift.  


We would love to see your healthy Mother's Day celebration! Give your mom the spotlight by sharing your photos with us on Twitter at @HealthierGen

Kayla Bowman

Senior Manager, Virtual Learning | Alliance for a Healthier Generation