May 26, 2016

If you could give advice to your younger self about staying active, what would it be?

Girls today in the United States are far less likely than boys to achieve recommended amounts of physical activity. By age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys. One reason: not feeling empowered. That’s why the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Clinton Foundation are teaming up in a nationwide campaign called #GirlsAre. Join us as we empower women and girls to redefine what it means to be strong, active women.

What’s one way you can join the campaign? Share a throwback photo with an encouraging note to your younger self! Tweet it or post it on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #GirlsAre! Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites.


Remember your ABCs: Be Adventurous, Brave, Courageous. Find a physical activity that you love, and go with it.


I would have reminded myself not to be afraid of kicking the ball as high as I could in gym class or running the bases as fast as I could. I use to refrain from giving my all in gym class as I thought I could never surpass the physical strengths of the boys, which prevented me from being comfortable in sports and physically activity for a long time. I would tell my younger self to be confident, strong, and fearless.


Don’t give up! Get involved! Try everything to find what you like. Don’t be intimidated by others. Just have fun with it!


I would encourage girls everywhere to remember that it’s never about losing weight or trying to fit in! Being the best you is about finding sports and engaging in physical activity that you enjoy. None of us have perfect bodies or play for professional teams but when you get out there and show others you are trying and enjoying it, you’re encouraging others by your actions. We’re all in this together!


Forget everyone else for 60 minutes every day and take care of yourself by being active. It doesn’t have to be hard or boring or require lots of equipment. Take a dog for a walk. Dance with a friend. Shoot hoops at the park. Kick a soccer ball with your little sister. You can do this!


I would tell myself to keep up the pace that I had going when I was a college athlete so it would’ve been a part of my schedule and that the “real world” life of working full time would not take over because the importance of physical activity should’ve been a huge part of my life.


Try to focus on the gift you’re giving yourself, not any external pressure from society. Try a bunch of different sports/physical activity exercises and pick something you like and find fun/challenging to integrate into your regular life. The joy of PA is different for everyone.


I think it’s important to find something you like to do, something that makes you happy. There are so many different types of physical activity that do not involve competition, don’t require coordination, and can be performed individually. The most important thing about meeting a health-related goal, or any goal for that matter, is to give yourself permission to fail — but not to give up. Don’t be too hard or critical of yourself. Treat yourself as you’d treat someone you love, and you’ll find you will be able to meet your goals and accomplish more than you thought was possible.



Just do it.



Behind every strong woman is a fearless girl.

#GirlsAre fearless. #GirlsAre Athletes. #GirlsAre what ever they want to be.