November 10, 2016

It's National School Lunch Week: Give your School Nutrition Program a Boost with our Helpful Tips

Since 1962, National School Lunch Week has celebrated the benefits of the National School Lunch Program and this year is no different. From coast to coast, schools are highlighting the healthy meals they’re serving, enabling students to keep their focus in the classroom and their energy on the field.

As a Healthy Schools Program school, serving healthy meals to your students is important to you and we’re here to make it easier for you to find the tools and tips you need to keep kids lining up in the cafeteria.

Here are five ways to focus on school nutrition this week ‒ and all year long:

1. Assess your school’s nutrition services

Updating your assessment helps you learn where your school is already excelling in its lunch program, and where your school could use improvement. Answer a few questions now to see how you can make lunch even healthier at your school.


2. Browse the new Smart Food Planner

National School Lunch Week is the perfect time to check out our Smart Food Planner. This tool is full of student-approved recipes, food and beverage products that meet national standards and menu plans to take the guesswork out of healthy school meal planning. Watch the video below to learn more:

3. Chat with a National Nutrition Advisor

Have questions about how to reduce sugar in your school meals or how to get kids to eat more legumes? Talk to me or one of our other National Nutrition Advisors. You can ask a question anytime in our online communities and start a conversation not only with our advisors, but also with other school health leaders.

4. Watch an on-demand training

We know you’re busy. That’s why we’re offering trainings in our Training Center that you can watch on your own time while meeting the professional standards requirements for training for you and your staff. Start today: check out this training on how to lower sodium and boost flavor – one of many that are aligned to the USDA’s Key Areas for Professional Development.


5. Learn from each other

No one has all the answers, but together, we can share what’s working and develop new ideas that keep kids healthy and keep school nutrition programs strong. Read success stories from schools that are serving up healthy meals that kids love.

Together, let’s strive to make every week one where we celebrate the healthy school meals that millions of children are benefiting from nationwide! Share your favorite school recipe or menu plan with us by emailing