May 7, 2018

It's Teacher Appreciation Week!

Have you told a teacher how important they are? Now is the time to do so – it’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

I have a busy little toddler, and I am new to Teacher Appreciation Week. This is our first year! So I asked my friend, colleague and fellow mom, Michelle Owens, for some ideas for celebrating AND nourishing the teachers at my daughter’s school this week. Here’s a recap of her advice from years past.


Michelle, help! This is my first year – what are some fun gifts I can give to my daughter’s teachers?

Michelle: Try bundling a water bottle and tea bag together, labeled with “You’re a TEA-rrific teacher!” Attach tags saying, “Teachers plant seed of knowledge that will grow forever!” to a plant or packet of seeds. Or try a yummy smelling hand lotion tagged with “We’re in good hands with you!” Teachers have a hard job. Put together a survival kit with a mug and fill it with ibuprofen, antacid, earplugs, a banana or an orange, and a bag of tea. Make cute labels and send the kit to school – you can get all of that for less than $5!


Was there a favorite amongst the teachers at your kids’ school?

Michelle: The seeds! The teachers absolutely loved them!


Ok, that takes care of my daughter’s teacher, but what if I want to set up a meal for all teachers at her school?

Michelle: Simple buffets are great for groups – try a taco, soup or salad bar. It’s also an easy way to incorporate fun fruit and veggie toppings! Fill the taco bar with fresh fruit or veggie salsas, beans and corn salad. Include chopped green onions, bell peppers and nuts or seeds as toppings for your soup bar. Of course, the fruit and veggie options on a salad bar are endless! Consider pizza bars. Personal size cheese pizzas (try those on whole grain crusts) are a great base. Teachers can pile on mounds of nutritious toppings like bell peppers, chicken, ham, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, pineapple…there are many options. Yogurt parfait bars with fresh, dried or frozen fruit and delicious granola are also popular for breakfast. Consider setting up a water flavor bar to infuse some excitement into beverages. Try citrus slices, fresh mint, cucumbers or frozen fruit. Up the fun in your meal space with a photo booth stocked with superhero props! And don’t forget to remind teachers to stay active. Kids are more productive when they are physically active throughout their day, and so are teachers! Lead walking groups, set up space for some quick yoga, or hang Healthier Generation’s employee fitness cards around the school to remind teachers to take a minute for activity, and themselves.


Thank you so much for your help! I can’t wait to put some of these things together. Wrap us up with YOUR five favorite ideas, not just for celebrating, but also for keeping overall wellness in mind this week.

Michelle: Here they are –

Favorite <$5 gift:

"You're the balm" lip balm card. Who can’t help but smile at that? Plus, everyone loses lip balm and it's a nice reminder for sun safety when you're promoting outdoor activity


Favorite 30-second activity:

Clementines with positive messages. Bring a basket of clementines to a meeting. Then ask everyone to write a message for someone else. Next, do a fun mix and mingle style swap. Enjoy a refreshing and uplifting snack!


Favorite activity that should be done EVERY day:

Host a healthy meeting. Use Teacher Appreciation Week to break some unhealthy meeting habits. The Healthy Meeting Toolkit has everything you need.


Favorite activity that mixes healthy snacks with super simple crafts:

Label fruits with fun positive messages. Who wouldn't want to start their day with a plum that says, "you're plum perfect," or a peach that says, "you're a peach"?


Favorite big idea:

Host a healthy luncheon or potluck with a relaxation station.


Be sure to check out Healthier Generation’s #TeachersTAKE5 page for great resources to take care of staff this week and beyond. You’ll find a healthy potluck signuptips for drinking more water, and more! The Smart Food Planner has recipes you can use for all occasions. Finally, don’t miss the Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business for healthier foods and beverages for bundles, gifts or set-ups this week. Now go celebrate the teacher in your life!