October 31, 2017

Move Your Mind, Online! 3 Reasons to Enroll in PYFP’s New Online Training Opportunity

Are you incorporating the most up-to-date fitness education and assessment information into your school’s physical education program? The Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP), the nation’s fitness education and assessment program that helps schools achieve excellence in physical education and empowers students to be fit for life, is offering physical educators a unique opportunity to participate in online professional development through the PYFP website or the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Training Center.

Here are three reasons why you should participate in this special, online training opportunity:

1. It’s Professional Development Specifically for Physical Educators

Do you participate in trainings each school year that are not content specific? Meaningful professional development is important for physical educators to improve teaching practices and meet the needs of their students. This PYFP training opportunity will support your efforts to integrate fitness education and assessment into your physical education program. 

2. You’ll Earn Continuing Education Credits

Thanks to a partnership between the National Fitness Foundation and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, you have the opportunity to receive continuing education credits (CEUs) by completing a series of four online modules. These modules will provide participants an overview of PYFP; explain how fitness education can support school wellness efforts; highlight the impact of recent legislation on physical education; and share best practices/implementation strategies for fitness education and assessment.

3. It’s (almost) FREE!

The four modules are always available free of charge via the member portal on pyfp.org or by accessing the Healthy Schools Program Training Center. To earn the .5 CEU through Adams State University, the cost is $25.00.  In order to receive CEUs, individuals must register, complete all four modules, and submit the completion certificate to info@pyfp.org.

Ready to update your school’s physical education program with the latest and greatest in the field? Register now at pyfp.org or Healthy Schools Program Training Center to begin your customized, accredited, nearly-free training today!

Sean Brock is a National Physical Activity/Physical Education Advisor at the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. By contacting him, you can ask questions, learn best practices and get started creating a healthier school environment. Connect with Sean.