March 13, 2017

NutriBullet and the Alliance: Partnering to Support Healthy Eating at School

With a shared goal to help kids meet the daily recommendation for fruits and vegetables and improve their health, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and NutriBullet have partnered to offer NutriBullet University to National Healthy Schools Award-wining schools.

For 90 days, students at these schools can enjoy a daily smoothie, rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds while learning about the health benefits of the ingredients.

See the program in action at Atherton Elementary School: Making students a part of the process helps them learn

As part of NutriBullet University, students play an active role in making smoothies and learn about each of the healthy ingredients ‒ such as kiwi, spinach, avocado and kale ‒ in the process. When students are involved, they’re more likely to want to try what they’ve created, exposing them to new varieties of healthy options that they can introduce at home, too.

"Hands on is always the best way to teach. This will help their entire families live a healthier lifestyle.” said Annette Wilson Coordinated School Health Administrator, Jackson-Madison County Schools, TN


Kids Love Fruits and Vegetables

The truth is: kids love eating a variety of produce and they’re even more willing to try new, healthy foods when they understand the benefits of eating them. NutriBullet University pairs nutrition education with exposure to foods that kids might be trying for the first time, such as dragon fruit or mango, increasing the likelihood that they’ll find something they love.

"So many parents have told me that their kids are asking for spinach in their smoothies at home for the first time — and the parents like them, too," said Jennifer Velez, Physical Education Teacher, John M. Sexton Elementary School, FL


In honor of National Nutrition Month, check out these 3 smoothie recipes:

The Alliance believes all young people deserve a chance to live healthier lives. We work to empower kids to develop lifelong healthy habits by ensuring the environments that surround them provide and promote good health. Our work with schools, communities and businesses has reached more than 25 million children, with a focus on young people who are at an increased risk for unhealthy lifestyles.