August 23, 2019

#SEHealthChat: Recap & Top Takeaways

On August 21, Healthier Generation teamed up with Harmony SEL and America’s Promise to co-host a Twitter chat entitled, “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: A Social-Emotional Health Twitter Chat”. 

During this chat, participants joined in a robust discussion around how we can best meet the health needs of the whole child—at school, during out-of-school time, and in the home. Healthier Generation also shared key findings from our recent social-emotional health market research study, supported by Sanford Harmony. 

Missed the live #SEHealthChat or looking to relive the highlights? You’ve come to the right spot! We've compiled some of our favorite responses and tips to help children—and adults—live happier and healthier: 


Question 1: For many, "social-emotional health" is a new concept. How do you define SEH and why is it important? #SEHealthChat 








Question 2: How are "social-emotional health" and "social and emotional learning" related? What term(s) do you use to talk about these concepts? #SEHealthChat 








Question 3: We know supporting the health of the #WholeChild is critical. How are nutrition, physical activity, and social-emotional health connected? #SEHealthChat 











Question 4: What are some ways to educate parents, teachers, and kids about the intersection of nutrition, physical activity, and social-emotional health? #SEHealthChat 








Question 5: How can teachers, staff, and out-of-school leaders promote good social-emotional health in kids? Who else can play a role? #SEHealthChat 











Question 6: Now let's talk about adults. Why is social-emotional health important to adults? What factors can affect adults’ SEH? #SEHealthChat 











Question 7: How can we work with families to support social-emotional health at home? #SEHealthChat 











Question 8: Last question! What are your favorite resources for promoting social-emotional health & #SEL among students, staff, or families? #SEHealthChat  












Have thoughts of your own to share? It’s not too late to join the conversation—share with us on Twitter by tagging us at @HealthierGen and using #SEHealthChat.