May 10, 2019

Self-Care Tips from Healthier Generation Moms

I used to think celebrating Mother’s Day meant scribbling my name on a card my dad bought. “Thanks, Mom. Love, Craig.” 

How useful. 

Only later in life did I realize that the best way to thank my mom for taking care of my needs is to care for her needs, too. While it's nice to be thanked, it's even better to be cared for. 

Luckily, Healthier Generation has a lot of moms who know the importance of self-care, and they’re here to share how they plan to celebrate Mother’s Day to inspire kids and mom’s alike to care for one another. 

Not sure how to celebrate with mom this Mother’s Day? Try one of these self-care ideas from Healthier Generation staff members. 


Hike in a state park  

“This Mother’s Day, I’m skipping the brunch lines and opting to enjoy quality time outdoors with my family. I find that I’m more centered when I have a chance to connect with nature so hiking in a nearby state park with my husband and two little boys (7 months and 4 years) is the ideal way to celebrate the day. The added bonus: fresh air and physical activity are perfect ingredients for early bedtimes and a good night’s sleep!” 

- Erin Rasler, Healthy Schools and Communities Program Associate Director 


Mix lounging with movement  

“As a Healthier Generation mom to a very active 6-year-old daughter, I look forward to celebrating Mother’s Day enjoying the outdoors—bicycling downtown, going on nature walks/trail runs, or just lounging on the beach! While I love being active with my family, diving into my latest favorite book affords me some ‘me’ time.” 

- Megan Diehl, Healthy Schools and Communities Program Director


Pick up fresh produce from the farmer’s market  

“My daughter Lyla is five months old, and she loves exploring different colors and textures. For Mother’s Day, we are going to our local farmer’s market to explore the fruits and vegetables, as well as see the chicks and goats that the farmers bring. I love all of the amazing fresh produce and feel my best when I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I can’t wait until she is old enough to taste them with me. Sweet potatoes from the farmer’s market are going to be her first food!” 

- Stephanie Roberts, National Nutrition Advisor 


Sign up for yoga…with your baby  

“My 18-month-old daughter and I have plans to go to “mommy & me” yoga on Mother’s Day. This allows us time to be active together, have fun and provides me an opportunity for self-care. And of course, get in a few good laughs!” 

- Carly Musso, Corporate Development Manager 


Plant an herb garden to spice up meals  

"I have two boys, 18 and 12 years old, and we are always on the go attending their various activities—I’m mainly doing all of the driving to take them wherever they need to go. This year I asked my boys to help me plant an herb and vegetable garden to grow foods and spices I can use in the kitchen. And guess what? They agreed! I love experimenting with new, healthy foods. Since their appetite has increased and they are eating all of our food, this is a win for all of us!” 

- Shauvon Simmons-Wright, National Advisor, Healthy Schools and Communities Program 

Plan a kid-free outdoor activity  

“Mother’s Day weekend kicks off the beginning of boating season here in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. On Saturday, my husband and I are planning on taking our three kids (ages 5, 6 and 9) on our boat and head to dinner at the local marina restaurant. We sit outside on the dock—tablet and iPhone free—and enjoy the sunset, live band, and time together. Then on Sunday, my husband and I play golf. It gives us some much-needed, kid-free time as well as enough physical activity that we feel accomplished!” 

- Michelle Owens, National Advisor, Healthy Schools and Communities Program


How do you plan to practice or gift self-care this Mother’s Day? Tag @HealthierGen on social media to let us know!  

Craig Schattner

Multimedia Manager | Alliance for a Healthier Generation