January 9, 2023

Share the Kohl’s Healthy at Home Microlearning Series: Focusing on Family Connection

Start Sharing Quality Time in No Time

Kohl’s Healthy at Home is excited to share a new interactive microlearning series for families called Focusing on Family Connection. The series, Focusing on Family Connection, covers several topics related to building healthy relationships. Each interactive microlearning will take 10 minutes or less to complete and contains multiple tips, activities, and recommended resources. 

This communication guide includes everything you need to spread the word about these new online resources. It will be updated with new captions and links as we release each microlearning in the series. 

All you have to do is: 

  • Choose which microlearning you want to promote. 

  • Copy and paste the message for the platform you want to use. 

  • Include the link to the microlearning (already included in the social captions). 

Sample Promotional Messages 

Copy and paste this suggested content or personalize it for your readers. 

Microlearning #1: Quality Time in No Time: Quick and Simple Ways to Make Family Time More Meaningful 

Find out how to make the most of opportunities to be together with family and friends with tips and activities to ensure we feel present and connected even when we are apart from our loved ones. Created in collaboration with Blue Star Families. 

For websites, newsletters, school-based app, and text messaging  

Spending quality time with family and loved ones can improve social skills, boost children’s confidence, and increase feelings of happiness. Got 10 minutes? Try this online, interactive course from Kohl’s Healthy at Home and Blue Star Families. You’ll find activities and tips to make your time together meaningful, even if your loved ones are far away. Use this link: bit.ly/QualityTimeinNoTime

For Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn  

You can spend #QualityTime with family and loved ones even on a busy schedule and long distance. If you’ve got 10 mins., try the tips and activities in this new microlearning from #KohlsHealthyAtHome, @BlueStarFamilies and @HealthierGen: bit.ly/QualityTimeinNoTime 

For Instagram Stories 

Want to spend #QualityTime with loved ones? Check out this 10 min. microlearning from #KohlsHealthyAtHome, @BlueStarFamilies and @HealthierGen: bit.ly/QualityTimeinNoTime 

Discover family-friendly resources that support whole-child health at KohlsHealthyAtHome.org and Kohl's Healthy at Home en español.