April 20, 2021

Statement from Kathy Higgins, CEO, Healthier Generation

The jury’s verdict in the murder trial of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement will never undo the psychosocial damage of this wrenching moment in history.  The jury on that has been out for some time. The real verdict, in this case, is trauma. Trauma for Black and Brown people. Trauma for BIPOC communities, schools, and families that continue to be victimized by excessive systemic and police brutality. No one has “won.” The gravity of loss, confusion, and injustice, more acute for our fellow Black Americans, is still a profound loss for all of us.  Make no mistake, we will continue to lose until we bring equity into how we show up in every situation, into how we live -- regardless of zip code -- and how we interact in our common humanity. Racial and systemic injustice cannot be undone by any verdict.  Our nation has much more self-examination and work to do.