August 6, 2018

Staying Cool on the Road: 3 Healthier Drinks for Your Family’s Next Trip

This post is part of Healthier Generation’s summer blog series highlighting creative ways to keep kids fed, active and engaged all summer long. 

Road trips are a cherished summertime tradition for many families. Whether you’re headed to a beach vacation or a weekend camp-out, chances are you’ll be stopping at one of the nation’s 155,000 convenience stores along the way to fuel up the car and grab a refreshing drink from the cooler.

According to a survey from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), nearly half of customers say that their primary reason for visiting is to buy a drink. That’s why the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Partnership for a Healthier America are bringing together NACS and the American Beverage Association to help Americans in their efforts to reduce sugar consumed from beverages.

Through this partnership, beverage manufacturers and retailers are working together to drive awareness and increase availability and purchases of zero- and reduced-sugar drinks, including waters, in convenience stores across the country.

The next time your family is looking to cool down on the road, here are three things to reach for:

1. Water 

There’s nothing as refreshing as a cold bottle of water on a hot August day. Water is the number-one choice when it comes to healthy hydration, and stores are constantly rolling out fun, new options (fruit flavors! bubbles!).

2. Milk

If the kids want something besides water, your next best bet is milk — cow milk, soy milk or any other alternative milk. Nonfat or low-fat options are best, and sticking with unflavored varieties will help you avoid excess sugar.

3. 100% Juice

For an occasional sweet treat, look for boxes or cartons marked as 100% juice (not a juice drink), and packages portioned into 8 ounces or less (like a juice box).

With a growing number of healthier drinks available at convenience stores across the country, there are lots of ways to keep your kids happy AND healthy on your next family trip! And plenty of zero-calorie, zero-sugar, low-calorie, and low-sugar options to satisfy grown-ups too.


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