July 5, 2018

#SummerSwap: 7 Ideas from Healthier Generation Friends

This post is part of Healthier Generation’s summer blog series highlighting creative ways to keep kids fed, active and engaged all summer long.

Summer is a great time to try a new wellness goal! To give you fresh ideas and plenty of resources to explore, we asked seven of our friends for their healthy summer swaps. Check them out below and share yours using #SummerSwap on social media.


Betty Sun, Health Program Manager
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy — Institute at the Golden Gate

"My summer swap is getting outside to a park to enjoy the long summer days. Whether I’m getting my heart pumping on a hill or going on an easy stroll to destress, I’m enjoying the health benefits of being in nature — #ParkRX."


Carolyn Wait, Senior Program Manager
Center for Best Practices —
No Kid Hungry Campaign

"My healthy summer swap is to ditch flavored yogurt and enjoy plain yogurt with fresh strawberries or peaches. Fresh summer fruit provides all the sweetness I need! For a #zerowaste bonus, I take the strawberry tops that I slice off and use them to infuse water. I need all the help I can get to stay hydrated on steamy summer days, especially when I’m outside doing things like promoting #SummerMeals with @nokidhungry and @DCHunger Solutions."


Cristina Gonzalez-Avram, Director of Programs and Evaluation
Big Green

"My summer swap is gardening; this year my family planted three pollinator gardens as well as loads of produce. We’re novice gardeners, but we’re excited to spend time outside in nature tending to the plants and learning as we go. We’ve been trying some of Big Green’s ‘no-cook’ produce tasting recipes and can’t wait for our first harvest. Here’s hoping for a bumper crop!"


Haley Hopkins, Advocacy Program Specialist
American Council on Exercise

"My healthy summer swap is to get moving; I’m using the ACE Walking Toolkit to start a walking group with my friends and our dogs to be social and add some fun into getting active everyday."


Maureen Acquino, Health and Wellness Program Specialist
National Recreation and Park Association

"My healthy summer swap is to eat more in-season local fruits and veggies. You guessed it! I’m using the #CommitToHealth Foods of the Month calendar as my guide!"


Rachel Dunn, Project Coordinator, Food Programs & Nutrition Support
YMCA of the USA

"My healthy summer swap is healthy snacking; my children and I will be eating fruits and veggies at snack time, every time! Swapping a donut for a banana, some fruit salad, or a watermelon slice, is an easy summer swap that will definitely pay off, for both me and my children. And what better time to focus on healthy eating than in the summer, when summer fruits and veggies are at their peak!"


Stephanie Folkens, Director of Programs
Common Threads

"My healthy summer swap is to trade indoor time for active outdoor time — like runs, walks, and volleyball — and then make a healthy CommonBytes recipe! My favorite is the Greek Chicken Pita recipe."


Thank you to Betty, Carolyn, Cristina, Haley, Maureen, Rachel and Stephanie for sharing your healthy summer swaps and resources. For even more ideas, search #SummerSwap on social media!