July 1, 2019

#SummerSwap to Move More

This post is part of our #SummerSwap series, presented by Kohl’s Healthy at Home, highlighting simple changes you and your family can make to enjoy a healthier summer. Learn more at HealthierGeneration.org/SummerSwap.

School’s out for the summer, which means no more homework, no more tests, and plenty of time for fun. It also means a change of routine, which can disrupt our healthy school-year habits, including our commitment to physical activity and movement. 

Regular physical activity supports a healthy body and a healthy mind. Research shows that engaging in regular movement can strengthen our bones and muscles, reduce our risk of disease, improve our mental health and mood, and support academic achievement. 

It’s vital that kids stay active throughout the summer so they can return to school healthy and ready to learn in the fall.

That’s why Healthier Generation and Kohl’s have teamed up to help families make small changes to stay active all season long. Over time, these small changes—or “Summer Swaps"—can make a big difference in our health!

For example, instead of playing video games, try jumping rope for a heart-pumping game that gets your body moving. 

See? Maintaining a healthy physical activity routine is easy when you #SummerSwap! Get started using the tips below.


3 Tips to Move More This Summer 


1. Prioritize Play

Identify a daily activity that you can swap for something more active. Have fun and be creative! Swap evening TV time for a trip to the playground or swap your car commute for walking or biking. Set a reminder in your calendar so you don’t forget. 

2. Try a new activity  

Feeling unmotivated? Switch up your routine! Swap your usual workout for a seasonal activity the whole family can enjoy, like hiking, biking, or swimming. Swap your activity each week to keep your mind and body engaged.

Bonus Tip: Explore classes and activities offered by your local parks and recreation department. They offer many fun ways to move—often at little or no cost! Or from home, check out these quick and fun fitness videos to get your family up and moving!


3. Share the fun
Everyone benefits from physical activity! Build momentum for your family’s healthy habits by inviting others to join in. Swap a group movie night for a group walk or swap a block party for a more active celebration, like a hike or a game of soccer. 


Ready to get started making healthy changes? Visit HealthierGeneration.org/SummerSwap for more swap ideas and resources for a healthier summer!