July 1, 2019

#SummerSwap to Rest & Recharge

This post is part of our #SummerSwap series, presented by Kohl’s Healthy at Home, highlighting simple changes you and your family can make to enjoy a healthier summer. Learn more at HealthierGeneration.org/SummerSwap.

Summer is here! It’s the perfect opportunity to rest and recharge, right? Although it may seem easy to do, the busyness of summer can make it hard to remember to designate time to take care of our social-emotional health.

Catching a few extra rays can certainly boost our mood, but during this busy season of family fun, travel and adventure, this on-the-go mentality can often cause stress. This stress can have a lasting impact on both our mental and physical health. When we forget to take time to rest and recharge, we are more prone to unhealthy eating habits, poor sleep, strained relationships, and feelings of depression.

That’s why Healthier Generation and Kohl’s have teamed up to share a few simple changes you and your family can make this summer for better social-emotional health. Try these Summer Swaps to live your best and healthiest summer.

For example, instead of scrolling through social media, try a guided journaling exercise for a more intentional and calming way to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Simple, right? Over time, small swaps can lead to big improvements in our well-being. Get started using the tips below!


3 Ways to Rest and Recharge This Summer 


1. Slow Down
Feeling overwhelmed? Designate some time each day as “slow down time” to relieve stress and anxiety. Even 10 minutes will help! Swap computer games or TV time for a more mindful activity, like yoga or deep breathing, to quiet your mind and slow your heart rate.  


2. Unplug 
There’s no better season than summer to go screen-free. Give your eyes and mind a rest by swapping your phone or tablet for some healthy movement. Head outside for a nature walk or turn up the tunes and dance! Bonus: the fresh air and endorphins will give your mood a boost! 


3. Connect with Others 
Healthy relationships are key to a healthy life. Swap email or texting for real-life connection and engage in thoughtful conversation. Connect with a loved one, a trusted mentor, or a friend and share what’s on your mind (the good and the not-so-good). Return the favor by asking purposeful questions and practicing mindful listening.

Ready to get started making healthy changes? Visit HealthierGeneration.org/SummerSwap for more swap ideas and resources for a healthier summer!