April 27, 2017

Team Healthier Generation Joins Ragnar Races to Help Kids Lead Healthier Lives

Athletes who believe every child deserves an equal chance at leading a healthy life can now make a difference by conquering 24-hour relay-style Ragnar Races, as members of Team Healthier Generation.

Team Healthier Generation Joins Ragnar Races to Help Kids Lead Healthier Lives​​​​​​

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation has recently joined Ragnar as a charity partner and member of their Extra Mile Program. By participating as a Team Healthier Generation athlete in any Ragnar Relay or Trail event in the U.S., you can achieve new goals, bring together friends, participate in the ultimate team building experience, run through some of the most scenic places in the country, and join a unique community of runners and change-makers — all while leading the way for children’s health. 

As if those reasons aren’t yet enough, by joining Team Healthier Generation athletes have their registration fees covered, receive team gear, have on-going support for logistics and are given all the tools they need to achieve their fundraising goals.

As a team and community, we are excited to conquer whatever Ragnar course of 200-ish miles our athletes have their sights set on.

To get involved, find a Ragnar Relay or Ragnar Trail event and then email cassie.taylor@healthiergeneration.org for assistance with your team registration.

Looking to support the team?

We have a team of athletes who will be working together to complete their Ragnar Trail relay through the Colorado Rockies on June 9th. Every dollar donated will help us lead the way for children’s health and encourage our athletes in their quest to own the trails of the Rocky Mountains in Snowmass, CO.