May 1, 2020

Thank You, Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week takes on new meaning this year. While our school environments and routines have rapidly changed, one thing has remained the same: our nation’s educators continue to play a pivotal role in students’ lives. Even from a distance, it’s clear that our teachers remain tirelessly committed to supporting students’ academic success and physical and emotional well-being. For that, we are deeply grateful.  

At Healthier Generation, we’re celebrating by recognizing teachers nationwide for their passion, creativity, and steadfast commitment to students and families. Here’s what a few Healthier Generation team members have to say: 

“Teachers fill the roles of mentors, leaders, and heroes to their students each day. This year has required the ultimate in superhero powers and I am grateful for your ability to shift mid-stream and provide meaningful learning experiences for our children.” - Lisa Perry, Senior National Advisor, Physical Education and Physical Activity 

“I wanted to be a teacher since I was 6 years old. Now that I’m an adult who works with teachers, I realize they are heroes to grown-ups, too. Thank you, teachers!” - Katie Hodgin, National Content Advisor, Family Engagement 

“As a parent of 3 kids in school, I am extremely grateful for the dedication and care their teachers have shown to ensure they have quality learning opportunities. Their teachers have served the community with grace, passion, and a focus on serving all kids and families. You’re Amazing!” - Jason Geering, Healthy Schools & Communities Program Manager 

“I am deeply grateful to our teachers and educators. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to inspire young people!” - Abby Reich, Senior Program Coordinator, Cross-Sector Strategies 

“I’m grateful to every teacher who has ever used their own money and gone without so they could buy school supplies for children.” - Daniel Hatcher, Director, Community Partnerships, Strategic Partnerships 

“Teachers: I’m SO in awe of your skill and passion! Please know that I see you, I care about you, and I appreciate you. You and your work matter!" - Nora Hall, Digital Marketing Manager  

“Teachers put their heart into their work every day. They make a positive difference in the lives of their students by helping them grow into their full potential. As they educate and inspire their classrooms, they are also changing the world. Thank you, teachers!” - Kayla Bowman, Family Engagement Manager 

“I’m grateful for all the educators who’ve dedicated their lives to improving the lives of kids around them. I’m especially thankful for not only the classroom teachers, but the coaches, guidance counselors, and administrators who also play a key role in inspiring our next generation of leaders and citizens.” - Megan Walcek, Marketing and Communications Manager 


Thank you, teachers! We’re grateful for all that you do to help students and communities thrive!  

Why are you grateful for teachers? Share your #ThankATeacher message on Twitter at @HealthierGen.