December 23, 2018

Wellness Challenge Week 4

This post is part of our #HealthyHolidays blog series, highlighting healthy ways to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season at home, school and work. View all posts in the series here.

We’ve reached the final week or our month-long challenge! How are you feeling? After a week of rest, we’re feeling recharged and ready to tackle our final set of challenges.  

Our focus for Week 4 is social-emotional health

Physical health is closely linked to social-emotional health. Factors like stress, trauma, and anxiety can all have a lasting impact on our bodies, including an increased risk of injury, weight gain, and disease. This week, we’re supporting our overall well-being by practicing skills—like empathy and gratitude—that support our social and emotional well-being.  

Review the challenges below and then get started to complete each challenge by the end of the week. If you’re just joining us, we invite you to mix in a few challenges from Week 1, 2, or 3 to your challenge set this week.  

Stay tuned next week for our challenge round-up and a chance to collect your secret prize! 


Week 4 Challenges 

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Challenge #1: Give Thanks (1 pt) 

Expressing gratitude is a wonderful way to increase feelings of happiness and strengthen empathy skills. This week, take 5 minutes to write down as many things, people, experiences, etc. as you can that give you a feeling of gratefulness. Promote even more positivity by expressing your appreciation directly to a family member, friend or colleague. Use our Pause for Appreciation guide to get started.  


Challenge #2: Get Moving in Nature (2 pts) 

Did you know? Nature is a proven mood-booster and stress-reducer! This week, head outside for a walk in your nearest park or gather a group for a brisk hike to tackle your favorite fitness trail activities. The fresh air and extra movement will help everyone feel their very best.   


Challenge #3: Give Back (3 pts) 

Acts of selflessness, like volunteering or donating, are great ways to support our personal well-being while also supporting equity in our community. Spend time this week giving back to an organization or cause you care about. Not sure where to start? Consider these tips to support healthy schools or make a donation to Healthier Generation to support healthier environments for kids to thrive.* 

*Learn more about Healthier Generation’s impact in our latest annual report.  


Challenge #4: Start a New Healthy Holiday Tradition (4 pts) 

The holiday season is a wonderful time to build a connection with others and create lasting memories. Strengthen your relationships with loved ones, colleagues, or students this week by creating a new healthy holiday tradition that gets everyone moving and having fun. Check out these ideas for healthy celebrations and traditions from Healthier Generation staff.  


Challenge #5: Reflect & Recharge (5 pts) 

A mindfulness practice such as meditation can reduce stress, improve focus, and help cultivate feelings of compassion and kindness. Schedule a 5-minute meditation break into your daily routine this week to give yourself the opportunity to reflect and recharge. New to meditation? Try these helpful tips for beginners from Headspace.  


*Bonus Round*  

Earn extra points by completing one—or both—of the bonus challenges below:  


Bonus Challenge #1: 

Continue practicing healthy sleep habits by repeating 2 challenges from Week 3. (2 pts)  


Bonus Challenge #2: 

Post a photo or update on your progress this week on social media with the hashtags #HGWellnessChallenge and #HealthyHolidays. (3 pts)  


Total Points Possible for Week 4: 20  


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