Active Students, Active Minds

Research shows that when kids are physically active, they learn better and perform better on tests. That’s why we’re providing easy-to-use physical activity breaks to keep your students' brains and bodies active. Click each week below to access new physical activity breaks.

Get your students moving more with Active Students, Active Minds Week 1 activities!

Did your students enjoy moving last week? Build on your progress by downloading or watching the resources below for Week 2.

After two weeks of increased physical activity, you may have noticed that your students are paying attention better in class. During Week 3, kick your classroom movement breaks up a notch by incorporating activities from these resources.

The last week of Active Students, Active Minds is no time to slow down! Finish strong by trying new ways to move with your students, such as Tae Bo with Billy Blanks.

We also encourage you to share with colleagues this resource about the benefits of active students with active minds