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The more connected staff, students, and families feel to their school environment, the more likely they are to find success. Now more than ever it is critical that educators use community building activities to foster positive relationships.

Our guides are ‘grab-and-go’ resources any educator can use to co-create a caring, supportive in-person and/or virtual school environment. All guides work with each other, following the same 5-week pathway.


Supporting Students

Educators can use these 20-minute, grade-band specific activities to build a caring in-person or virtual classroom community. They are scaffolded and sequenced for 25 days.

Supporting Staff

Administrators can use these activities that support connection and well-being at staff/team meetings to build a caring work community.

Supporting Families

Administrators and staff can share at-home connection-building activities as well as provide avenues for families to provide feedback to build a caring school community.

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