We deeply appreciate the dedication of Adriana Almazan and Lysette Millan from Woodcraft Rangers, Tammy Williams from the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging, and Josephine Thomason from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. Their hard work and commitment made this multicultural cookbook challenge possible.

We thank the organizations that collaborated to compile these recipes into this book. Their efforts have preserved and shared cherished culinary traditions, celebrating the richness and diversity of these recipes. Thank you for bringing this project to life.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Healthier Generation is a leading children's health organization that advances equitable whole child health. Driven by our passion to ensure that every mind, every body, and every young person is healthy and ready to succeed, our work has reached over 31 million young people and 54,000 schools across the country.

City of Los Angeles Department of Aging

The City of Los Angeles Department of Aging (LADOA) provides comprehensive programs and services to meet the unique needs of older adults and family caregivers that enable Older Adult Angelenos to maintain their independence and dignity by remaining in their homes; that support them in living productive, active, and meaningful lives; and that foster greater community connections.

The Department of Aging advocates for the needs of older adults and their family caregivers. Our goal is to improve the quality of life, independence, health, and dignity of the City's older population by managing community-based senior programs that are comprehensive, coordinated, and accessible.

Woodcraft Rangers

Woodcraft Rangers is a leader in expanded learning, supporting 20,000 youth at over 110 Title I schools throughout Los Angeles County, with before and after school enrichment, and summer day and sleepaway camp programs.

In 1922, Woodcraft Rangers opened its doors in Los Angeles and began its mission of guiding young people as they explore pathways to purposeful lives. Always committed to access and inclusion, all youth regardless of their background were invited to participate, and guided to develop a holistic sense of self through the “Woodcraft Way,” a fourfold path of body, mind, spirit, and service and a precursor to the whole development model.

Today, Woodcraft Rangers serves students ages 4-18 in tailormade programs to meet the specific needs of each school, neighborhood, or community. Additionally, Woodcraft boasts a robust and extensive catalogue that offers over 100 different enrichment options encompassing arts, sports and wellness, STEM, leadership, and outdoor education with developmentally appropriate activities at all ages.

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