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Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Join us in celebrating health in every generation through movement, family connections, and resources to enrich cultural celebrations at home and at school.

Kohl’s featured artists Emma Daisy Gertel and Shyama Kuver explore identity and belonging through creativity. Meet the artists.

Cooking Tips for Families with Chef Justin Pichetrungsi

Need some quick family cooking tips? Award-winning chef Justin Pichetrungsi of Anajak Thai shares his advice for cooking with young people, exploring traditional Asian ingredients, and unleashing your creativity in the kitchen. Watch the playlist!

Resources for Families and Caregivers

Strengthen relationships and cultivate a sense of belonging at home and in your community.

Tools for Engaging School Communities

Learn and celebrate with these culturally responsive family engagement resources for school staff.

My Identity Map Worksheet

Understanding who we are is essential for building strong relationships. Use this worksheet to create a personal identity map for reflection and sharing.

One Day of AAPI History

In a lesson created by AAPI Youth Rising, learn about the cultures, events, attitudes, and activists that have influenced AANHPI history in the United States.

Meet Kohl’s Guest Artists

Shyama Kuver

Shyama Kuver, Interdisciplinary Artist

Emma Daisy Gertel

Emma Daisy Gertel, Milwaukee Muralist

Discover family-friendly resources that support whole-child health at KohlsHealthyAtHome.org and Kohl's Healthy at Home en español.

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