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Nature-Based BINGO

Celebrate the natural world around us using this handy BINGO card filled with nature-friendly activities.

Weatherly Heights Community Garden

Roxboro Housing Authority and farmer Bernard Obie built a vegetable garden. The garden is a place for youth and adults to connect with plants and their community.

Family Activity Tracker

Hang this chart on a wall or refrigerator and track your family activity goals each month.

Active At-Home Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun activities that can support curiosity, learning, and physical activity. Whether indoors or outside, there are plenty of things around us to explore.

Take-Home Activity Bag Cards

12 ways for families to play together at home by borrowing or buying low-cost equipment like jump ropes or stacking cups.

Choose Your Own Family Adventure

Answer 3 simple questions to choose your family's own custom adventure - a fun activity that will get everyone up and moving this summer, together!

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