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The Kohl's Healthy at Home text messaging service is designed to help families prioritize healthy living and thrive. Sign up today to receive tips, activities, and resources for parents and caregivers.

About Our Text Messaging Service

The Kohl’s Healthy at Home text messaging service provides free* action-oriented tips to help you and your family lead a healthy life. Each tip has been developed under the guidance of family health experts and selected from our collection of Kohl’s Healthy at Home resources with input from parents, caregivers, and community leaders.
*Messaging and data rates may apply.

How It Works

  1. To sign up, click the button below or text “HEALTHY” to 1-800-436-4584.
  2. Confirm your subscription. You can cancel or request support at any time.
  3. You’ll receive text messages up to two times per week, each with an encouraging reminder, suggested activity, or resource to help you and your family prioritize movement, healthy eating, emotional well-being, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions  

Please see below for answers to frequently asked questions about Kohl’s Healthy at Home text messages. If you have a question that has not been answered in this section, please email us at help@healthiergeneration.org or contact us online. 

What does Healthy at Home text messaging cost?

Signing up to receive our text messaging service is free and so is accessing resources from Kohl’s Healthy at Home! Any applicable messaging fees from your mobile carrier will apply based on your plan.

I signed up for text messages but haven’t received any. What should I do?

Thanks for signing up! We send text messages once or twice per week. If you don’t receive any messages within a week of confirming your subscription, please text “HELP” to 1-800-436-4584 or email us your questions at help@healthiergeneration.org.

What if I receive a link to a resource that does not open?

Please report any broken links or messaging errors to our team at help@healthiergeneration.org. We can help you access the resource and address technical errors for future messages.

I work in a school, district, or youth organization. How can I receive health-related resources for my students and their families?

Our text messaging service is designed to support family health at home. You can access resources and trainings developed for schools, districts, and youth organizations at HealthierGeneration.org and in the Action Center.

Subscribe to our emails for the latest news and resources for school and out-of-school time. 

Are Kohl’s Healthy at Home text messages available in Spanish?

No, not at this time. Our text messaging service is currently available only in English, but several of our resources, blog posts, and videos are also available in Spanish (en español) on the website and on YouTube.

Can I invite a friend to sign up for text messages?

Yes! They can sign up by texting “HEALTHY” to 1-800-436-4584 or by visiting this webpage. To share this webpage, simply copy, paste, and share this link:

How do I stop receiving text messages?

Text “STOP” to 1-800-436-4584 to stop receiving text messages from Kohl’s Healthy at Home. You can text “HEALTHY” to restart your subscription at any time.

Other Ways to Connect

In addition to text messaging, you can keep up with Kohl’s Healthy at Home in the following ways: 

  • Read our blog and follow us on social media. 

Browse the complete Kohl’s Healthy at Home library for more nutrition, physical activity, and social-emotional health resources.

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