Better sleep leads to better performance.

Together with Sleep Number, we're improving the quality of kids' sleep. Join us in helping students to achieve #SmarterSleep by sharing these resources with your school community.

Snooze To-Dos

This checklist can help students get the sleep they need to feel well-rested and refreshed. Includes a version for young kids and a version for teens.

The Impact of Sleep Deprivation

Share this infographic with students to help them learn how sleep deprivation affects their health and the health of their family.

Why Teens Need Sleep

Share this infographic with teens so they can learn how too little sleep might be affecting their mood and behavior.

Sleepover Playbook

Help kids get ready for a fun night while preparing them for a great night's sleep. Includes a version for young kids and a version for teens.

Sleep Tight Activity Sheets

Use these fun activities in the classroom or at home to teach students some snooze clues. Includes a version for young kids and a version for teens.

Save Sleep During Daylight Savings

Try these proven ways to ease into the time change.

Winding Down for Better Sleep

Encourage parents to commit to adding at least one of these wind down activities to their child's bedtime routine.

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

Are kids getting enough sleep to perform at their best? Read more on the research behind healthy sleep habits for kids.

Meditation & Relaxation

Get free resources from Headspace to help kids settle the mind, and rest the body - making it easier to wind down and drift off.


Take the Healthy Sleep Quiz

Test your sleep knowledge in 8 quick questions.

How much sleep does the average child (age 6-12) need each day?

Better Sleep for Teens

Sleep30® Youth by Sleep Number has info and tips for helping the teen in your life get better sleep.

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