Every Student Succeeds Act

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), passed on December 10, 2015, provides an exciting opportunity to integrate student health and school wellness into education policy and practice. There are many ways that ESSA supports health and wellness integration: 

  • Health and physical education are now included in the definition of a well-rounded education
  • State Accountability Systems now include one measure of school climate or student success and State School Report Cards can include health and wellness metrics
  • Funds are available to provide high-quality professional development for all school staff, including health and physical education teachers
  • Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants can be used to support student health and increase access to a well-rounded education
  • Health and wellness data can be included in required needs assessments to provide a complete picture of the issues facing students in lower performing schools
  • Funding continues for 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Community Schools, and Promise Neighborhoods.

Healthier Generation is committed to providing the resources you need to ensure the integration of student health and school wellness as your state implements ESSA.


Get started with these ESSA resources:  

Read our Frequently Asked Questions, which provide a number of helpful links to assist you in getting involved in your state’s ESSA implementation. 

Read Moving Forward with the Every Student Succeeds Act: 6 Tips to Support Implementation and Stay the Course: Health and Wellness Initiatives are Essential to School Improvement