Empower your staff to create healthier environments for kids Empower your staff to create healthier environments for kids

Advance health and learning with an integrated approach

Create a learning environment that promotes student achievement and the well-being of kids, teachers, and staff.

The Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment helps schools and districts quickly and easily identify strengths and opportunities for improving policies and practices in the ways that matter most to them.

Build a team, track progress, and access resources and trainings at no cost in the Healthier Generation Action Center.

Help your school support the physical, social-emotional, and mental health of students and educators

Helping Schools Achieve Their Goals

  • Available at no cost
  • Easy to access
  • Self-paced and flexible
  • Evidence-based
  • Aligned with educational priorities
  • Tailored to schools and districts

Expand Your Impact

Use Healthier Generation's Action Center to:

  • Build a team to support collaboration
  • Identify priorities to focus your efforts
  • Create action plans to map a path to success
  • Access resources and trainings to advance your goals
  • Track progress to visualize change over time
  • View reports to evaluate and celebrate

“The new Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment will help us to continue to build sustainable programs and practices which support the health and wellness of both staff and students.”

– Carla Feltz, Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator

Vancouver Public Schools
Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment

Topics in the Thriving Schools Integrated Assessment

  • Advancing Core Policies & Practices
  • Increasing Family & Community Engagement
  • Improving Nutrition & Food Access
  • Enriching Health Education
  • Implementing Local School Wellness Policy
  • Bolstering Physical Education & Activity
  • Strengthening Social-Emotional Health
  • Cultivating Staff Well-Being
  • Promoting Tobacco-Free Schools
  • Supporting School Health Services
  • Reducing Chronic Absenteeism
  • Addressing School Discipline
  • Fostering Positive School Climate & Culture
  • Building Staff Capacity
Quick Tips for Getting Started

Quick Tips for Getting Started

Know where you want to focus? Jump right into the topic area of your choice.

Not sure where to begin? Start by answering the questions in the Advancing Core Policies and Practices topic area to help you determine priorities.

Create a custom assessment

Want to build an assessment that aligns with your goals? We can do that!

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