Donny Sirisavath

Owner/chef of Khao Noodle Shop Dallas, Texas

A Taste of Laos in the Lone Star State

“Understanding that to have wealth is about your health, we can live life longer to spend time with our loved ones.”

- Donny Sirisavath

Food, family, and community are inseparable for Donny, who was raised in a Laotian refugee family that settled in Texas in the late 1970s.

Before earning national honors from Bon Appétit and Food & Wine magazines, Donny learned to cook traditional Laotian specialties from his mother. In many ways, food was a means of survival. His family used old techniques like catching their own wild protein, foraging and preserving vegetables, and using homegrown herbs for cooking and wellness remedies.

Young Donny with his family

Today, Donny honors his mom by being a source of Laotian culture and pride in his community. In addition to his award-winning restaurant Khao Noodle Shop, Donny dedicates his time and talent to Dallas-area refugee youth organizations.

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