Jane Park

Parent, Educator & Early Childhood Health Advocate

Our Differences Are Our Superpowers

“Every child is a gift filled with unique talents, treasures, and abilities.”

- Jane Park

Educator and advocate Jane Park attributes her passion for supporting children’s causes to the example set by her parents—first-generation Korean immigrants.

“Their future in this country must have felt so uncertain and daunting, yet they were filled with a hope and desire to create a good life for our family,” explains Jane. “Friends, neighbors, even strangers helped them navigate a new country and made them feel like they belonged here. I’m grateful to have grown up seeing my mother pass along that kindness to others.”

Jane and family in New York City

Jane’s mother was a nurse’s aide who worked countless hours to create a home environment that prioritized play and imagination. As Jane spends time with her own children today, she remembers how her mother encouraged her and her sister, Sun, to go on outdoor adventures, bring friends home from school, and experience the full joys of childhood. This unconditional love and support fostered Jane’s self-confidence and appreciation of what makes her—and every child—unique and powerful.

Today, Jane works with national advocacy groups and community networks to develop research-based programs for young children and families—particularly those living in under-resourced communities—to have equitable opportunities to learn and thrive.

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