Sang-Mi Oh

Vice President, Community Impact and Diversity and Inclusion, American Heart Association

Growing Up Global

“Humanity is the primary identity of all people.”

- Sang-Mi Oh 

Sang-Mi Oh's experiences living all over the world inspire her commitment to inclusivity and health equity.

Born in South Korea, Sang-Mi grew up in West Africa (what is now Benin) and later East Africa (Kenya), and immigrated to the U.S. for college. Witnessing global disparities in health care access firsthand gave Sang-Mi a unique perspective, and helping her mother prepare healthy and delicious meals using local ingredients taught her that simple solutions to improving health are available.

Sang-Mi Oh with some of her colleagues at the Monterey County launch of STEMI Systems of Care, which she helped lead and launch

Learning at a young age to embrace diversity and create new connections across cultures is a grounding force in Sang-Mi’s life, and a hallmark of her work leading community-based cardiovascular health initiatives that promote equitable, sustainable care for all.

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