Kohl's Healthy at Home - How Kohl's and Alliance for a Healthier Generation Are Getting People "Healthy at Home" | The Engage for Good Podcast

In this episode of Engage for Good, host Alli Murphy is joined by Kathy Higgins, CEO of Alliance for a Healthier Generation, and Tara Geiter, director of community relations at Kohl's, to talk about the inception of their partnership and how their collaboration has evolved over the years. The episode explores: 

  • Kohl's CSR journey and transition to focus on families 

  • How the organizations expanded their resources to cater to BIPOC communities 

  • The value of listening 

  • Insights into Kohl's nonprofit vetting process 

  • Kathy & Tara's advice for building partnerships that center equity, diversity and inclusion

[Spotify Publish Date: November 2022]