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Our services directly support approved activities under the CARES Act

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2020 CARES Act

Education Stabilization Fund

Funding can support the following activities:

Healthier Generation

Services & Products

Healthier Generation can support district utilization of Education Stabilization Funds with the following:

Providing principals and others school leaders with the resources necessary to address the needs of their individual schools.

Healthier Generation provides a customized road map and easy plan of action to thousands of schools and districts nationwide, helping them transform their campuses and communities so children can both learn and thrive. Areas of support include social-emotional learning, connectedness, staff wellbeing, mental health supports, physical activity and education, and school meal programs. Key services include:

  • Personalized coaching on building support and creating sustainable school health policies and practices
  • Interactive training opportunities that can be customized to your specific needs, time requirements, group size, and staff roles
  • Turnkey training and communication materials
  • Online tools for schools to build and implement wellness teams, assess their school health environment, and create an action plan
  • Data reporting to monitor and measure district and school programs

Activities to address the unique needs of children from underserved communities, children with disabilities, English learners, racial and ethnic minorities, students experiencing homelessness, and youth in the foster care system, including how outreach and service delivery will meet the needs of each population.

In partnership with countless community leaders, Healthier Generation ensures the systems and environments that surround children address and improve health inequity. Since our inception, Healthier Generation has reached over 29 million children with equity-based health programs spanning the country.

Our program is comprehensive -- from improving access to nutritious meals and snacks, to increasing physical activity, to building resiliency and strengthening social- emotional health and learning. We serve as a partner for districts, helping build their capacity with customized health-promoting programs that will address and advance health equity in their communities.

Providing mental health services and supports.

Healthier Generation’s RISE Initiative uses a six-step, evidence-based process that creates sustainable change in schools to positively improve the social-emotional health of students and staff.

The RISE Initiative is rooted in the RISE Index, an interactive, online tool which identifies specific criteria for a healthy school environment and serves as a guide for policy and practice change to meet those criteria. Key services available include program development, training, technical assistance and data reporting addressing the four main goals of the RISE Initiative:

  • Increase staff job satisfaction and reducing staff stress
  • Improve connectedness and relationships among students and staff
  • Increase social-emotional learning (SEL) skills among students and staff
  • Increase mental health supports

Planning and implementing activities related to summer learning and supplemental after-school programs, including providing classroom instruction or online learning during the summer months and addressing the needs of students from underserved communities, students with disabilities, English learners, students whose parents/guardians are migratory agricultural workers, students experiencing homelessness, and children in foster care.

Healthier Generation’s Healthy-Out-of-School Time Initiative supports leaders within youth-serving organizations in creating healthy environments that help kids eat better and move more in ways that support their physical, social and emotional development. Healthier Generation supports out-of-school time providers with the following key services:

  • Coaching and support for program development and implementation
  • High-quality interactive professional development for staff and kids
  • Technical assistance for program sustainability
  • Tools and resources to create environments that helps kids develop lifelong, healthy habits
  • Online assessment and action planning tools
  • Data reporting to monitor and measure district and school programs

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