Healthy Eating Trainings

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TitleTraining TypeDescription
Healthy Celebrations and Fundraisers for Halloween and BeyondVideoLearn how healthier celebrations and fundraisers can be fun, less preparation, and benefit kids health. Discover new ideas for Halloween celebrations, fall/winter fundraisers, or to plan for celebrations and fundraisers later this school year.
Call to Action: Celebrations, Rewards and Fundraisers, OH MY!Video
Recorded Webinar: Shamrockin’ with Healthier GenerationVideoLooking for a pot of wellness at the end of your rainbow? Watch this recorded demonstration of nutritious and delicious snacks and fun and festive activities for celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day at home, at school or in afterschool. We’ll share our very favorite inexpensive ideas to bring joy to the little leprechauns in your life!
Creating Environments Where Social Emotional Learning Comes into Play!VideoSocial and emotional learning (SEL) helps students in schools and out-of-school (OST) time programs integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal with the conflicts and challenges that they encounter each day. Healthy eating and physical activity opportunities introduce chances to develop these skills. In this video we explore ways to infuse social-emotional learning competencies into schools and OST environments. Leave with tools and resources designed to keep the students in your schools and districts moving and improving their fitness, while mastering the knowledge and skills they need to be socially and emotionally fit for life
Make a Splash with WaterCourseOverview of the important role that water plays in kid's health as well as strategies for making water exciting for youth. Participants will be able to: identify the role that water plays in kids' health and identify strategies for increasing kid's water consumption. Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
A Pinch, Dash, Spoonful...Heap. Why Does it Matter What I Use?CourseAccuracy in measurements of ingredients can affect the end product of any recipe being made. Besides the taste being changed, there are also issues that could affect consistency or texture, yield, appearance that could affect costs, portions and waste. Participants will understand the principles of standardization and effects on nutritional quality/integrity of the meal. Learn accurate measuring techniques for weights, measures, and volume for cooking. Determine why inaccurate measurement can affect cost/yield/ appearance. Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
Smart Food Planner: Promotional VideoVideoCheck out this overview of our Smart Food Planner!
Grab n' Go to the ClassroomVideoGrab n' Go school breakfast programs are getting more kids eating breakfast. Fewer hungry kids mean that more kids are ready to learn and are more alert for the day's activities. Watch this video brought to you by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and No Kid Hungry: Share Our Strength to learn how to implement a Grab n’ Go to the Classroom program!
Exploring the Criteria of the Healthy Schools Program AwardCourseThe Criteria Explorer helps schools complete the application for the National Healthy Schools Award by providing detailed information and support for each of the required criteria. Alliance school health experts walk through each criterion, providing detailed insights on: - Who can help answer each assessment question - Why the criteria is important - What resources are recommended - What evidence of success is required for the National Healthy Schools Award application Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
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Happy Birthday CACFP! Resources to Celebrate & Support NutritionVideoDid you know that this May marks the 50th anniversary of the Child and Adult Care Food Program? Join the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the National CACFP Forum for a webinar to honor this important milestone. During the session, we celebrate the CACFP’s birthday by sharing tips, tools, and resources – including the Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business, Smart Foods Planner and CACFP Product Calculator – that will help make navigating the CACFP meal pattern simpler and more enjoyable!
A Walkthrough of the Smart Food PlannerVideoThis walkthrough provides information about the Smart Food Planner! Use our Smart Food Planner to: -Browse products by category, ingredient, meal type and Smart Snacks compliance. -Find kid-friendly recipes for your school or site. -View menu plans to use as turnkey food service solutions.
Recorded Webinar: Healthy Eating CDC Train the TrainerVideo1. Understand the research behind the importance of healthy eating for students in out-of-school time. 2. Learn the importance of nutrition education in OST and overview of curriculum. 3. Share tips and successes of ways OST programs are engaging staff to be healthy role models 4. Understand importance of having a written policy to sustain healthy eating and nutrition education in out-of-school time programs.
Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Smart Snacks Success!Curriculum

Have you heard of Smart Snacks in School?  Confused about when, where and why Smart Snacks standards apply?  Follow us as we go down the Yellow Brick Road to Successful Smart Snacks implementation at your school or site!

By the end of the content bundle, participants will:

Understand the Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards

Identify resources to successfully implement the standards

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Local Wellness Policy: Food & Beverage MarketingVideoReceive resources to support healthy marketing messages that promote good nutrition across the school campus and ensure all foods and beverages advertised meet the Smart Snacks in School Standards.
The Most Important Meal of the Day - Healthier School BreakfastVideoBreakfast is the jump-start to nourishing brains and bodies for academic success. Break-ing –the- fast with breakfast at school has been shown to increase academic achievement and attendance and to decrease behavior issues. In this session, you'll learn ways to increase breakfast opportunities for getting students “ready to learn”!
Breakfast in the Classroom!VideoResearch demonstrates the importance of providing breakfast to children and youth. Children who eat a good breakfast tend to perform better in school, have better attendance, and exhibit fewer behavior problems. Despite the benefits of breakfast, for a variety of reasons, many kids aren't able to eat a healthy breakfast at home in the morning. Watch this video brought to you by The Alliance for a Healthier Generation and No Kid Hungry: Share Our Strength to learn how to implement a Breakfast in the Classroom program! Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!
A Candy Here, A Candy There: Proposing Alternatives to Foods as RewardsCourse

Learn how using food as a reward or punishment creates unhealthy food habits that stick with kids for life. Discover alternatives for using food as a reward and develop a plan to educate your families and staff.

Take the Next Step and Update Your Assessment!

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Kick Off The School Year With Healthy Living & Learning Resources for Educators, Families and Kids!VideoHealthier Generation and Nemours Children’s Health System are teaming up to bring you this 30 min training to prepare for a healthy school year! Nemours, one of the nation’s largest non-profit, integrated pediatric health systems is committed to improving the health status of all the nation’s children, not just their patients. As part of this commitment, Nemours has created a suite of no cost healthy living and learning resources tailored to educators, families and kids. This presentation will provide tips and turnkey resources for schools and out of school time programs to jump start the new school year by supporting healthy nutrition and physical activity opportunities. (This training was a recorded webinar that took place in August 2019)
Staff Fitness BreaksMaterial
Recorded Webinar: The HG Store with Amazon Business Smart Shopping for Smart SnacksVideoThis recorded webinar shares information on our newest solution to help staff, communities, students and vendors more easily identify and access items that align with the National AfterSchool Association Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Standards (HEPA). On this webinar we covered details surrounding the Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business – including why it was created, who can use it, and what activities it can support – as well as demonstrate how shopping in the store works.
Supporting Child Care Providers: Healthier Generation Store with Amazon BusinessVideoNo matter where your youth-serving organization is located, you can now easily access healthier snacks and beverages that align with the National AfterSchool Association Healthy Eating Standards (HEPA) as well as the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Meal Pattern. Ready to learn more? Watch this recorded webinar on demand, hosted by Healthier Generation, Amazon Business, and Jump IN for Healthy Kids. The webinar explores the Healthier Generation Store with Amazon Business. We answered questions about why it was created, who can use it, and what activities it can support, as well as provided info specifically for early child care providers.
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