Alfred Bonnabel High School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Alfred Bonnabel High School - Kenner, LA

At Alfred Bonnabel High School, students and staff alike are learning the importance of healthy eating. The completion of a new school garden will help students gain an appreciation for how their food is grown and the tastiness of fresh vegetables – right from the source. The school has removed all sugary beverages from vending machines, and eliminated unhealthy snacks from the snack bar. With the help of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Product Calculator for Smart Snacks, the school has identified tasty and nutritious replacements for the students instead. In addition, the cafeteria has aligned its meal offerings with federal nutrition standards. To increase opportunities for physical activity, teachers are encouraged to incorporate stretching and movement breaks into their lessons. All of these healthy changes culminated in a popular Wellness Week, organized by a student-run wellness council, where students learn new healthy habits and staff participate in health screenings. Collectively, these initiatives have helped create a healthier, more positive learning environment at Alfred Bonnabel.