America's Healthiest Schools: Black Diamond High School

Black Diamond High School, Pittsburg Unified School District, CA

Black Diamond High School was named one of America’s Healthiest Schools by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation. The school met stringent standards set by the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program for serving healthier meals and snacks, getting students moving more, offering high-quality physical and health education and empowering school leaders to become healthy role models. Aside from home, kids spend most of their time at school, making schools important places to influence kids’ behavior and lifelong health habits. Research shows that healthy students learn better.

The enthusiasm for health is contagious at Black Diamond High School, where students and staff are taking advantage of many opportunities to get moving and make healthy food choices. Students are enjoying physical activity both during and after school. Teachers regularly include physical activity breaks to give students the opportunity to get moving in order to maintain focus and increase energy in the classroom. After school, students participate in basketball and have access to the weight room to improve their fitness levels. Staff are also exercising before and after school thanks to the weight room and the school’s outdoor walking track. Many teachers and staff members participate in fitness challenges throughout the year to keep each other motivated.

Promoting healthy eating habits has also become a top priority at Black Diamond High School. All students receive high-quality nutrition education and can participate in the school’s garden program. Black Diamond is committed to offering healthy, tasty foods to all students. These healthy improvements are also helping to improve student performance in class.

Health Education Teacher Jessica Garay said, “Since implementing healthier changes at our school through the Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program, students have greatly improved their attitudes in the classroom.”