Bent Tree Elementary Earns Bronze by Creating a Healthier Environment

Bent Tree Elementary - Miami, FL

The Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program helps schools improve access to healthier foods; increase physical activity opportunities before, during and after the school day; enhance nutrition education; and establish staff wellness programs to build a healthier school environment. The Healthy Schools Program recognizes schools that succeed in addressing these areas at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold level. Bent Tree Elementary School in Miami, Florida received the National Healthy Schools Bronze Award in 2014.

It’s clear that Bent Tree Elementary School’s health promotion efforts are paying off. The school added a second physical education (PE) teacher, incorporated Jammin’ Minutes throughout the school day, and several opportunities for physical activity before and after school. A student shared, “My PE teacher really made a difference this year because he helped my feel better about myself. And the presentations help me learn about making healthy choices and I learned different ways to be active.” Students are also noticing healthier options in the cafeteria and healthier snacks in the classroom. Even the vending machines in the teacher’s lounge comply with the Smart Snacks in School standards. “The Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program provided us with the resources necessary to make our success possible,” said reading coach Maria Zabala.