Bunnell Elementary School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Bunnell Elementary School - Bunnell, FL

Students and staff at Bunnell Elementary School not only prioritize wellness but also understand the science behind all the healthy changes their school recently made. “Sharing proven research is key,” said Health Education Teacher Catie Zanella. For example, the school’s wellness committee introduced physical activity breaks into the classroom and shared information about how brain activity increases after movement. To further ensure students are staying active at school, the committee shared research with teachers on the negative effects of removing physical activity as a punishment. During the morning announcements, the school shares nutritional information about school meals and promotes the free breakfast available to all students. “The significant change was evident when we saw students advising on another about their snacks,” Zanella said. The wellness committee also initiated a ban on using food to reward students at school. “Teacher buy-in was gradual, but noticeable as teachers curbed their candy rewards and turned to ‘crazy sock day’ or other creative means,” Zanella said. Now, most class parties at Bunnell involve arts and crafts.