Clarkstown South High School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Clarkstown South High School - West Nyack, NY

Health and wellness have become integral to the culture at Clarkstown South High School, where students and staff alike are encouraged to practice healthy habits. Many teachers attended a training session to learn new methods for incorporating physical activity into the classroom. Both students and staff spent the month of May participating in a step challenge, and also ran alongside one another at a school-organized Color Run. Some staff members even took their fitness activities off campus with an after-school hike at a local mountain. To promote healthy eating, the school as aligned all of its meals and competitive food offerings with federal nutrition standards. The students attended a school-sponsored Health and Wellness Fair and also visited a local organic farm, where they enjoyed a farm-to-table lunch. As a result of these efforts, many members of the school community have noted positive changes taking place within Clarkstown. “It is so nice to see both students and adults walking around throughout the school day. It creates a healthier and happier environment for all to see,” said Juliette Speckenbach, math teacher. Administrator Matthew Younghans added, “Healthy Schools Program Manager Geri Wurman continues to work with our school to promote wellness and physical health in the classroom and in our daily lives. We thank her for both her training sessions and her expertise.”