Edward Titche Elementary School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Edward Titche Elementary School - Dallas, TX

Technology has become a crucial tool for promoting health and wellness at Edward Titche Elementary School, where students and staff can access nutrition information by simply scanning a QR code with their cellphone. The code, which is shared school-wide through posters and business cards, links to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Product Calculator for Smart Snacks. Students and teachers can use the Calculator to identify healthy choices in the school’s cafeteria, which has aligned all of its offerings with the USDA’s school nutrition standards. In addition to this innovative wellness tool, the school has expanded its after-school sports programs and offers other exciting fitness opportunities, such as Zumba. Staff wellness is also a top priority; Edward Titche staff attend wellness meetings every six weeks to learn about healthy snacks and new fitness activities, and also participate in an employee health fair. With the help of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, these changes are creating a healthier environment for the entire school community. “Here at Titche, we strive to be physically engaged school-wide,” said Coach Jeremy Keys. School Nurse Susan Rhine added, “Students and staff appear to be making wiser snack choices and becoming more physically active. The Alliance’s Product Calculator for Smart Snacks was the biggest resource, and Healthy Schools Program Manager Jeannine Rios was a great asset to go to for information and support.”