Flowery Branch Elementary School Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Flowery Branch Elementary School - Flowery Branch, GA

At Flowery Branch Elementary School, a little friendly competition motivates staff members to set a healthy example for their students. The school implemented a contest in which teachers receive points every time a student notices their healthy choices. Staff also take advantage of discounted gym memberships and access to an open gym after school. This enthusiasm for health and wellness has spread throughout the student body as well. Many students participate in an afterschool running club and enjoy moving around during physical activity breaks in the classroom. The school provides healthy meal options for students in the cafeteria, and ensures that all foods and beverages sold outside of the school meals program align with the USDA Smart Snacks in School standards. “By providing our students with healthier food options and additional opportunities for physical activity, we are creating an environment that allows our students to maximize their potential,” said Jeremy Boleman, school administrator.