Forest Hill Elementary School Earns Silver by Creating a Healthier Environment

Forest Hill Elementary School - West Palm Beach, FL

The Alliance’s Healthy Schools Program helps schools improve access to healthier foods; increase physical activity opportunities before, during and after the school day; enhance nutrition education; and establish staff wellness programs to build a healthier school environment. The Healthy Schools Program recognizes schools that succeed in addressing these areas at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold level. Forest Hill Elementary School in Palm Beach County, Florida received the National Healthy Schools Silver Award in 2014.

Making healthy changes at Forest Hill Elementary School is all about having a personal touch. Whether it’s promoting fruits and vegetables to students while they move through the cafeteria line or participating in games with students during recess, staff know that it makes all the difference. And their efforts are paying off. “The students and staff are on board with being physically active and want to eat healthy for the long term benefits,” said PTA member Sarah Graves. The Healthy Schools Program provided guidance and hands-on support to Forest Hill Elementary to help the school incorporate physical activity breaks throughout the school day and improve presentation of healthy foods in the lunch room.