Madison-Monroe Elementary School 16 Wins National Healthy Schools Silver Award

Madison-Monroe Elementary School - Elizabeth, NJ

At Madison-Monroe Elementary School 16, students, staff and parents all take part in a broad effort to build a healthier school environment. Teachers use GoNoodle’s online activity ideas to incorporate daily physical activity into their lesson plans. The school encourages students to participate in walks that raise awareness for diabetes and heart disease, and also hosts holiday dances to keep kids moving. In the cafeteria, students are taught to eat healthier portions and are encouraged to share their input on the menu options through surveys. All food offerings align with the USDA’s nutrition standards. To ensure that parents are engaged in promoting their children’s health, the school provides a list of recommended healthy foods for lunches brought from home. While the students enjoy their nutritious lunches, the teachers at Madison-Monroe can participate in yoga sessions or a walking club. These initiatives have already generated many positive changes, and have helped to promote a health-oriented dialogue throughout the school community. “Students and staff seem to be happier,” said Health Coordinator Tanya Gilliam. She added, “Students are always willing to let us know what do or don’t like in the cafeteria now. We’re having more of a conversation about the food they are eating.”